The Charles Town Classic kicks off Saturday night at The West Virginia oval and Game On Dude returns to defend his title. Charles Town has come a long way from bottom level claimers vying for $ 1500 purses, to this $ 1.5 million purse. Charles Town closed it's doors and looked to go the way of it's sister track Shenandoah Downs across the street. But, with the advent of slots and smart track management it rose from the ashes and stands today as the jewel of West Virginia racing. I can still recall the crackling tones of track announcer Costy Caras with his tribute to Fred Cappy Caposella "eeeat ease now post time" and the smell of horse lineament permeating the cold night air. You go , Charles Town, you beat the odds and continue to amaze.
Speaking of Game On Dude ,we will begin another Accumulator with a$20 win bet on #3 Game On Dude in the 12th at Charles Town Saturday night.